Because it’s comic book Saturday, and you guys asked for pics.

  1. bananamartyr said: Yesss Ashi, yes.
  2. fox-gecko-corner said: Awww, you look so cute irl, hehe~
  3. kriswinter said: That hoodie is totally awesome~
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  5. saane said: Awww you’re so cute!~
  6. panderps20 said: SO CUTE <3
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    look at this cutesy little beautiful wonderful adoriable little batgirl from above ; u ;
  8. thehharlequin said: You are the night!
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    nananananana cuuute!
  10. moon-moon-chan said: YOURE CUTE AND PRETTY LET ME LOVE YOU PLEASE!
  11. slugbox said: THE ASHII DERP REVEALS!